UTMR: one week to go

A quick post with details about my next race for anyone interested in following.

A week from now I’ll be over 12 hours into my next adventure in the mountains. I didn’t get a place in the UTMB ballot this year so while I watch the live coverage of the race I hope I’ll get the chance to run again next year my mind is firmly on the challenge in front of me next week. I’m flying to Milan on 6th Sept then a transfer minibus will take me up high into the Italian Alps to the village of Breuil-Cervinia at an altitude of 2,000m where the race starts. From there the route climbs and descends over 8,000m and will take me across into Switzerland finishing in the village of Grächen. It’s fair to say that training has not been plain sailing as I’ve had a hamstring issue for the last few weeks which I’m only just getting over. Provided this doesn’t flare up I’ll give it my best shot! As far as the weather goes, we’ll see! This is a high mountain race, starting at 2,000m and climbing straight up to 3,000m from the start. You can follow my progress using the links below.

Race details

Ultra Tour Monte Rosa (116km ultra)
Distance: 116km (72 miles)
D+/D-: 8,200m / 8,600m
Race start: Friday 8th Sept 6AM (5AM UK time)
Cut off: 36 hours (Sat 7th Sep 6PM)
My race number: 358

Relevant links

Race website: https://www.ultratourmonterosa.com/race-info/ultra/
Course map: http://tracedetrail.fr/en/trace/trace/29832
Live tracking: http://live.opentracking.co.uk/monterosaultra17/
Race timing:  https://www.racematix.com/site/#entry:rac/Ultra-Tour-Monte-Rosa-Ultra-116-2017
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/UltraTourMonteRosa/

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